I like so totally like you

As soon as I park the car in what I hope is in a perfectly parallel manner to the other cars around me, I fish for my phone which is jumbled up with all manner of earphones, keys, and gum and when I find it, I hit the little protrusion on its upper right side which makes a sound like a small time capsule being expunged. The screen lights up which causes my eyes to light up, not just because it is a reflection, but because I see your name there contained in a bouncing red notification which now ignites the red organ pumping blood inside me to start bouncing too. As fast as I can, I run my index finger in a sweeping flourish, unlocking the phone. I dial across this magical flatland the passcode I have selected prior to this moment, which I have memorized not only with my mind, but also the joints and muscles in my hand. And there, I see, lit up in the dark of my car, the message from you.



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