journey to the center of the Internet

This is the story of my life and my miraculous journey. I hope you will enjoy it! One day, much to my own surprise, I happened! It only took one magical, critical moment.  A click and a flash, and I was abruptly brought here. I started developing slowly, getting used to my home in this numbered universe, bathed in blue light. I wasn’t much to look at back then, maybe not even now. But especially not then. Fleshy, rotund, pink… I’m a little embarrassed thinking about myself at these early stages! But who isn’t? I wish someone had asked me how I was feeling before I was flung out into the world. I didn’t feel ready. Not to be all alone, not to travel such a far distance, leaving pieces of myself everywhere. Suddenly, I was vulnerable, out there in search of another, with only my fleshy rotund pink self to say Hi 2708:2d6:43506:f99e0:6567:61fdc:63d7:41a8 so nice to meet you please take me accept me love me. No one told me how painful it would be; that I would be cut up into tiny little pieces in this world no one told me my life would be like the ripping open, popping up of a soda tab and all of me would rush to the top, pixelating, carbonating like millions of sperm quivering towards an egg. I wasn’t ready. It wasn’t my best… Now, I’m completely exposed on someone else’s device. I’ve been reassembled, but I don’t feel the same. And I’m so scared. What will they think? It’s too much to be launched into this world, open to judgement, being reviled, reduced, pressured, accepted, or maybe even loved.

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