I pirouette my left eye and pop it out of it’s socket,
I stomp my feet repeatedly as if on grapes,
crushing them until the ground is sodden, toenails disintegrating in the pulp of my toes
I peel the skin off my shins, my forearms
they come off in long skinny strips, string cheese ribbons
I file away the flesh on my thighs, my cheeks,
the bone underneath unimpressive, dulled by terra cotta inlets
I slice off my cheekbones in appropriate portions
whittle my chin and tear off the tender chewy flesh of my ears
without skin, my hips are a rusting swivel chair
with a rope of matted hair gently laid over it,
I burn the excess, grate all the bones to dust, and blow
finally achieving
a body pure, efficient
scaffolding, holy
and advancing
a light dimly shining in my right eye
until a giant pair of hands
somewhere far away
claps off


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