A Short Love Letter to The Master and Margarita

Hello readers! Here is my sincere endorsement for The Master and Margarita which one of my closest friends (Ryan) bought for me! Not only is Margarita one of the most incredible heroines I have ever encountered (and ps, it is incredible to encounter any complex female in a classic novel! Especially a vengeful, self-possessed and self-actualizing woman who accepts an opportunity to go through hell for the love of her life! A reverse-Persephone choosing the underworld and pain as a part and journey of love! I mean, what could make you believe in the power of love and the power of women more than her commitment!) but the entire book is like a woman in it’s inability to be comprehensible. I can’t wait to reread this insanely complex novel which defies every genre by being all of them at the same time- it straddles political absurdity and absolute sincerity, flattens the dualities and deities so that everyone is oddly on a similar plane of humanity (an earthly Christ, a truthful and not immoral Devil, a conflicted and regretful judge, and a witch for love.) It is written with all the violence and tenderness of someone who is deeply in love with a country that has turned horrible, dark, and maddening- the beautiful moments are all mixed up in the terrifying ones and the coexistence of the light and the dark are just a mirror for the incredible bravery of Bulgakov to even be capable of imagining such a masterpiece in one of the darkest times in history when even the minds and hearts of people were censored against such joy and freedom of language and existence. Also, because of Azazello’s cream- never putting on lotion the same again. byeeeeeeee

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